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OS-APS Advisory Board

We are looking for small and medium-sized publishers, university presses, academic libraries, third-party funded projects, and other committed players in the field of digital publishing and open Science, in order to accompany the project constructively + productively over the entire duration and to support the prioritize and steer software development in the interests of the publishing community.

Starting spring 2021. Interested? Contact us

Supporters of our idea

Are you interested in supporting or collaborating with us outside of the User Advisory Board? We look forward to hearing from you.

During the application phase, we have already been able to gain some organizations and writing series as supporters:

Among publishers such as DUZ Verlags- und Medienhaus GmbH, Hochschulverlag Merseburg, Kassel University Press, Kiel University Publishing, KIT Scientific Publishing, Transcript Verlag, mit Bielefeld University Press als Imprint des transcript Verlages, Tübingen University Press, Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin, Universitätsbibliothek Duisburg-Essen mit DuEPublico, Verlag Barbara Budrich GmbH and Vilnius University Press.

Among series of publications such as Acta Historica Leopoldina, Beiträge zum Europa- und Völkerrecht, Beiträge zum Transnationalen Wirtschaftsrecht, Der Hallesche Graureiher, HR Insights, Nova Acta Leopoldina, Policy Papers on Transnational Economic Law, Schriften zur Sprechwissenschaft und Phonetik, and the FAU University Press book series.

Job postings

We are looking for collaborators in the subproject at the University Libr. Erlangen-Nuremberg.